What people say

This congregation tries to encourage everyone to discover their own God-given identity, gifts and purpose and to live out their unique vocation in the world… When all of us do that, all kinds of amazing things can happen.


I feel called to give as I can and when I can, in my actions and out of the abundance that I have received…sharing God’s exuberant welcome and the awesome, all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ. 


So often people say that the problems are too big, the resources are too small, or that we just have to accept the way things are.  But we say something else in our congregation.  We say that the challenge ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us. 


79 Seasons ago was our first winter in Natick. I can remember walking through the front doors to this Church ...  It was a weekday, but the doors were open so we found our way to the sanctuary.  We stood in the silent beauty that day with the sun filtering through the stained glass windows.  What a Church!  78 Seasons ago, we joined the FCC.  Pledging has become… a spiritual practice of a faith filled life.


I like to think of myself as the stone that was dropped into the water...


It is part of our mission to make people understand that you can’t escape God’s Love… and hopefully they are going to go out and spread that message to someone else. ~  


I can't say I have done anything particularly radical since I've come to college...but still a small step in the right direction is something I learned at FCC. Small steps are all that is needed to make a huge change...


One of the things we were looking for in a church family was diversity becasue I have a blended family... it is great to be with other people who have a committment to God, to the church, to the community, to their families and also share in the Open and Affirming Covenant which is very important to me.