We have so many reasons to celebrate - a great community of caring people, a compelling vision, a beautiful building, a proud history, a deep hope that we can make a difference.



All those reasons to celebrate are gifts.  The way that we say thanks is by giving.  
In the menu below you can find information about making financial contributions to the church, but our gifts can come in many different forms - cookies for a bake sale, cereal for the Food Pantry, a ride to Sunday worship, diapers for motel families, flowers for a homebound member, a casserole for new parents, a walk-a-thon for Family Promise, and caroling at the rehab.
Giving turns scarcity into abundance every time.  Every time it's a miracle.  You make it happen!


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Whether the scarce resource is money or love or power or words, the true law of life is that we generate more of whatever seems scarce by trusting its supply and passing it around. ~ Parker Palmer