What is Stewardship?

Our call as a congregation is nothing less than to change lives — to make positive outcomes within our own church family, in the Metrowest community, and the world. In our tradition, the financial foundation of our ministry is based on the annual pledges of members and friends. There are no outside grants or funding sources. Pledges make it possible for our church to create and implement realistic budgets that support our mission, education and worship.


Pledging is at the heart of our identity as a congregational church. A pledge is not just about money. Your pledge is not an impulse gift to an organization about which you might not know much. Instead, your pledge reflects a commitment to and a concern for this community. It expresses a desire to keep First Church a vital presence in the center of Natick. Pledges make a difference.


Perhaps the word “pledge” feels a bit overwhelming. But a pledge is just a financial promise to give a certain amount of money during the course of the year. It is an estimate of giving. A pledge can be made as a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly contribution. You can even set your pledge up for electronic banking. If your circumstances change, just let us know and we will adjust accordingly.