Music Programs

Worship at First Church Natick almost always involves music of some sort – piano, organ, drums, trumpet, even recorded music, and of course, singing!  On Sunday mornings, we join our voices in songs from the Hymns of Truth and Light, which incorporates a special section of selections chosen by our congregation.

Music reminds us that we are all connected on this planet by the air that we breathe. Without air, the vibrations that carry the sound of the human voice and the sound of music would be stilled.  It is no coincidence that the word for spirit in the languages of the Bible is the same as the word for “breath.”  To love and praise God with music combines body and spirit and allows the Word to become flesh in us.

The language of our hymns also works its way into our memory.  Some hymns can become the Bible we carry in our hearts for those days when the challenges are great and companions are few.  And when we gather and unite our voices in praise we experience what it is to breathe together as one body in Christ.

First Church Natick has many musical resources. We installed a Boston grand piano in the sanctuary in 2015 and we celebrated the completion of a console restoration project in early 2016.  We are blessed with a network of musical talent, including a music store directly across the street, a prestigious music academy nearby, a strong public school music program, and numerous professional and quite capable amateur musicians who often share their talents with us.

If you have a musical talent you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.  Contact the office: and we will link you up with the right opportunity.