Bible Study

Riverbend Bible Study 

First Thursday of the month  @ 2 PM, 

beginning October 5

The stories in the book of Genesis are among the best-known and best-loved stories in Hebrew Scripture.  This season we focus on the Joseph saga –from his coat of many colors to his rise to power in Egypt.  In this section of the UCC Stillspeaking Writers’ Group study, God’s promises bubble up in dreams, and faithfulness to God finds expression in a new kind of hero: the dreamer.  Events that originally seem to thwart God’s promise emerge as the means by which God once again makes a way where there is no way. Join us in the library at Riverbend Rehab, 34 South Lincoln in South Natick on the first Thursday of each month. 



Introduction to the New Testament

Sunday mornings @ 9 AM

September 24, October 1, 15, 22, 29 and November 5

Jesus is the central figure of the New Testament and in this series we will explore the figure of Jesus in three distinct ways:  A man like other men, a Jewish rabbi, and the Christ of Christian faith.  Then it’s on to the cantankerous Paul, the other New Testament authors, and the wild and baffling book called Revelation. Learn what Nazareth was like in the first century, see what scholars know and don’t know about Jesus as a historical figure, and decide for yourself whether Paul deserves either the stature or the censure that he so often receives.  And who is the Antichrist anyway? Read, think, and dialogue with others about the history and significance of the books that make up the New Testament.



The Text that Changed the World

Tuesday evenings, November 7 and 14 @ 7 PM 

“The Protestant Reformation began 500 years ago…Ideas that exploded out of those years are now a part of the air that we breathe.  500 years ago people died for them.  But time turns the revolutionary into the everyday.  We take key reformation claims for granted.  We can’t even see them; they’re just a part of who we are.”  These words introduce a new Still Speazking Writer's Group collection of essays celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  We will dig into a little history, explore the legacy and discover the power that still remains in “the text that changed the world.”