Who we are

In the center of Natick is a church with a history and a heart.


First Church has been a part of Natick from its beginnings in 1651, when a native community gathered under an oak tree near the Charles River to hear John Eliot share the story of Jesus in their own language.  By 1663, Eliot had translated the entire Bible into Algonquin.  This translation  was the first Bible to be printed in the Americas.


We are concerned about the things that matter in this world; your background doesn't. Whether you grew up in a church or have never set a foot in one before....it doesn't matter.


All kinds of people call us home - 

 * people from different faith traditions and from no particular faith tradition at all...
 * people of all ages and stages...
 * those who might not know what to make of God... but who want to change the world or change their lives...
 * and those who come to draw closer to the holy.


Throughout our long history, we have challenged the labels that divide people - around race, disability, fair housing, sexual orientation and gender identity.  For 400 consecutive weeks, volunteers supporting a nuclear freeze maintained a Saturday noontime Peace Vigil where our peace pole now stands.


We believe that we are called "to express the love and welcome of Christ."  


We take that call very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, which is why almost every time we gather something happens that just makes you want to smile!


We are First Church Natick and there is always room at our table.