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Palm Sunday Worship Service

“Finding Beauty in a Broken World”

 April 14  at 10:30 AM

On the streets of Jerusalem 2000 years ago, a crowd erupted with a mixture of expectation and hope and frustration and anger.   Tension was in the air as they gathered to celebrate Passover and remember their great deliverance from slavery in Egypt but looking down from the wall and the towers of the city were the Roman legions, making it quite clear that freedom was once again beyond their reach. 

A shout telegraphed through the crowd – Hosanna! Originally from the Hebrew word that means “save us,” over time “Hosanna” became a shout announcing that salvation had come.  The crowd tossed their cloaks in the road and waved branches from the trees because they saw hope riding into town on a donkey. 

We will enter the story of Palm Sunday through the doorway of “Hosanna” this year, as we explore what it means to follow the procession toward both hope and risk. We hope you can join us as we enter Holy Week with this special Sunday.

The children will participate in an interactive re-telling of the Holy Week story followed by an Easter egg dying activity. 


Maundy Thursday Potluck  & Communion 

April 18th  @ 6:30 PM in the vestry

Please join us for an intergenerational potluck dinner and worship service on Maundy Thursday.   

In recent years, this special service has been a very popular opportunity for us to deepen our experience of Holy Week, while enjoying table fellowship and a creative worship experience in the vestry. 

If your last name begins with A-G, please bring a salad or veggie dish, H-R please bring a main dish, and S-Z please bring a dessert. Beverages and rolls will be provided.  Sign up in the vestry or contact the church office to make your reservation: 508-653-0971 or


Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil

8:00 PM on April 20th ~ dawn on April 21st  

It has been our tradition to make the sanctuary available for prayer on the Saturday night before Easter.  Those who have participated over the years have experienced the sense of peace and holiness in this time of waiting in the presence of God in the candlelit sanctuary. 

You are invited to sign up for 30-minute segments throughout the night in the sanctuary.  Normally, two people are at prayer in the sanctuary at a time. Prayer lists and reflection resources are available to help guide your prayer time, if desired. 

We are also looking for individuals who could offer an hour or two to help us host the prayer vigil by letting our vigilers in and out throughout the evening, so that no one is ever alone in the building. 

You can sign up in the vestry to welcome or to pray or perhaps both!  Or if it is easier for you, contact the church office (508-653-0971 or to choose the time that is right for you.



Easter Sunday Festival Family Worship

April 21st  at 10:30 AM

 Did you see the “supermoon” on the vernal equinox?  It was spectacular!  It was the first full moon on the spring equinox in 19 years and it won’t happen again until 2030.

That coincidence of the equinox and the full moon is the reason that Easter falls late in April this year.  The date of Easter, unlike Christmas, moves around the spring calendar because Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.  Easter arrives whether or not the snow has melted or the bulbs have begun to poke through the frozen earth with their reminder that God brings life out of death, hope out of defeat, love out of loss, and a new beginning out of every ending.  The great mystery of resurrection refuses to be pinned down to a particular date.

What new beginning is God creating this Easter?  Join us to discover what signs of God’s unfolding love story with the world you recognize in your life as we gather on Easter morning for a Festival Celebration of the Resurrection.  Worship will include special Easter anthems by the Senior Choir and an egg hunt following worship for the kids!