Upcoming events for October


Voices from the Border

Thursday, October 17 at 7pm

First Church Natick Vestry


Randy Myer, from Sahuarita, Arizona, 35 miles from the US/Mexico border, will speak about the current situation along the border with Asylum families, and the border communities that are affected by the militarization of the border. Randy serves as Senior Minister of the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ in Sahuarita, Arizona—35 miles from the US/Mexico border; Randy and his congregation have been key leaders of many of the humanitarian groups (Humane Borders, No Mas Muertes, and Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans) that give food water and medical care to migrants in the desert---for no one should be dying in our desert


Natick Artists Open Studios

Saturday & Sunday October 19 & 20 - 11 - 5

First Church Natick vestry and sanctuary

FCC opens the vestry to host artists for Natick Artists Open Studios. This is an annual event planned by Natick artiststo exhibit their work . NAOS is a fantastic opportunity to see art, learn about how it is made, and converse with local artists in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. For maps of all locations and more information, visit https://www.artnatick.org/


​Building Bridges: "Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees" 

October 10th through 25th

First Church Natick Sanctuary


This October, in conjunction with Open Studios and as part of our ONA Anniversary Celebration, we will host an exhibit of Building Bridges: Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees.  Building Bridges includes photographs and interviews with people who have come to the United States as immigrants or refugees from all over the world.The exhibit seamlessly combines exquisite photos with moving text that makes an indelible impression on the heart and soul of everyone who sees if.  Building Bridges seeks to challenge damaging myths and stereotypes about immigrants and refugees as a way to prevent bullying and hatred towards this marginalized group of people.


The Guatemala Partnership 

Tuesday, October 22 at 7pm

First Church Natick Vestry


Join Jeff Clausen to find out about the Guatemala Partnership, a transnational community that unites the Congregational Church of Needham with the village of Santa María Tzejá, a small predominantly K’iche’ speaking Mayan village in the remote northern Ixcan region of Guatemala. In 1987 the Needham Congregational Church made a commitment to visit the village every six months.  The Guatemala Partnership has fostered a number of joint initiatives with the village and at their direction,  including supporting health promoters in the village, establishing a partner family letter exchange program, funding various micro-lending projects through the village’s Woman’s Union. Participation in the partnership is not limited to members of the Needham Congregational Church. We are looking for individuals who may be interested in joining us on this February’s delegation to Santa María Tzejá.


Silent Movie Night with Rob Humphreville 

Saturday, October 26 at 7pm

First Church Natick Sanctuary


“His eyes are ghastly beads in which there is no light - like holes in a grinning skull! His face is like leprous parch- ment, yellow skin strung tight over protruding bones! His nose - there is no nose!” 

Join us in the sanctuary for some superb Halloween fun when the amazing Rob Humphreville improvises the soundtrack on our grand piano to one of the greatest silent movies ever made. Rupert Julian’s classic silent has got everything! An actor capable of carrying the toughest role ever written, beautiful scenery, real-life drama, sentiment and romance. Come and discover the chills and thrill and secrets of the Phantom of the Opera A free will donation is suggested to offset expenses. A reception will follow in the vestry!